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D's - How are we different?

Posted by Divya Roy on

While growing up,bags were a part of my daily life,which I am sure is the case for most of us.Different designs,styles,colours,patterns,materials etc all added to the excitement of a new bag.

While bags came and went,the quality came into being questioned.Some started chipping,while some had their stitching come off.Some were overpriced for the size,some were zero user friendly.Some were pretty but not practical,while some were practical and not pretty!

When my husband had a thought about having a bag shop,bags made from fabric was the very first thought.Well,what is so different about the idea? The answer lies in the quality of our bags!

Cotton,jute,banana fibre,silk,linen,leather,hemp...our options to pick for our bags were endless! And what was the added ADVANTAGE - they were all ECO FRIENDLY(environment friendly-zero waste).

Growing up in India,we were both well versed with the top notch quality of these natural fibres,especially of cotton and jute,in India.Taking the decision was easy as we knew both the materials were beautiful,customisable,skin friendly and durable.

Our bags are as eco-friendly as they can be(some unavoidable bits include the metal zipper,chain handle and PU handles on some handbags).The styling has been thought over a zillion times before bringing them to life.The colours are chosen with love,care and passion,the designs with a lot of thought.

Every additional pocket in a bag makes me happier because I know how much we throw in our bags and this is exactly what we offer in our bags too!

At the end of the day,we have tried our best to give you a sustainable,environment friendly,beautiful,practical and long lasting bag! It is not a regular bag,but each of our bags are stunning pieces of fabric,top quality,exotic and premium!

You will find a favourite for all times!